So apparently all the cool kids are lacing their converse sneaks around their ankle so I thought I would follow the cool kids and try it ….bahahahaha THIS SWEATSUIT IS LITERALLY MY FAVORITE THING IN MY CLOSET RIGHT NOW…..I have been genuinely just been sleeping in it and then wearing it all day ! It’s … Continue Reading

So I can help you paint your house as long as I can wear this jumpsuit!!!!! So I have the most productive day so far…I went to the early morning Kundalini yoga class, followed by a beach hike with a friend, 4 loads of laundry, signing kiddos up for summer camps and blog work while … Continue Reading

Hi guys I use to be affilated with another site that linked items ……that change is in the process but I still want to keep you up to date on what’s new and what I have been living lately. Anything Sweat Suit inspired. This one is from Target and it is under 50 bucks with … Continue Reading

Hi Ya’ll……..First let me say sorry for being so absent lately from the blog. I got so incredibly sick for a long time right as construction was over on the house and I literally had no time for anything, then Christmas came creeping up on me and slapped me in the face…..I was ahead of … Continue Reading


HAPPY FRIDAY YA’LL I am soooooo happy that is is Friday ! Lets start talking about Fall again…well in San Diego if the temp drops below 70 then we consider that sweater weather—-and look at this perfect sweater that is only 30$. Of course        WHO WHAT WEAR has the perfected the fall sweater … Continue Reading

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