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BEST BODYSUIT EVER EVER EVER……and it really completes the go to uniform -JEANS-TANK- JEAN JACKET.

ZARA has the best bodysuit that comes in multiple colors and you NEED every single one. They are seriously amazing and are only 20 dollars. I saw this on Rose Huntington and raced to Zara to buy all the colors because I couldn’t believe that they were from Zara and under 20 dollars.

This jacket is from Cotton On and size medium- it comes in 2 colors online and 4 colors in the store. I would suggest grabbing it sooner than later because sizes are going fast. I actually really love the quality and color of this denim and is pretty great considering it is 60 dollars . Think it could easily go for 100$ at other online websites. I bought the cream one in the store and also am living in that color.

So everyone know that I am obsessed with REDONE levi’s and these are the 90’s fit and each pair is differs in color and size. I love all of the styles they have to offer but these loose fitting ons are definetly more casual.

I had been going back and forth for a while about this LV bumbag/fanny pack. I finally tok the leap and got it and I am still trying to decide if I love it or not. It is a little big around my waist so I need to take it to a leather shop to punch another hole in it. I hope it grows on me through the spring season.

So these slides are Hermes and are on the higher price point , I say that they are worth the investment for me because I live in San Diego and wear sandals 90%of the year but I did link below the dupe version  below and they look so similar. You could also get multiple colors if you go on the more affordable scale.









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