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So I can help you paint your house as long as I can wear this jumpsuit!!!!!

So I have the most productive day so far…I went to the early morning Kundalini yoga class, followed by a beach hike with a friend, 4 loads of laundry, signing kiddos up for summer camps and blog work while watching Siesta Key which is my guilty pleasure.

So I was racing through Target last week and I came across this adorable lilac denim jumper and knew I needed to try it. I absolutely love it and it’s only 35 bucks. I got an extra small for size and I am 5’5 for a height reference. This is the perfect outfit for a concert or just a fun brunch look. I had the legs pulled up a little bit and Delilah told me how it just didn’t look good at all…babahahaha. So I listened because apparently 10 year olds know more these days.

So I replaced my High top converse after giving my old pair to my niece and I definitely recommend having them in both black and white. They are just such a classic basic shoe that isn’t NEVER going to go out of style and fit every budget.

I really needed a new pair of sunglasses and I tend to look really funny in a smaller round frame style like the John Lennon style. But I love the look so I found this pair of Ray Bans which I think is a great compromise between the two. I just have found that the bigger the glasses the better I look.Haha








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