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Crappy week, crappy weather , crappy people ughhhhhhhhhhhhh

At least this sweater is cute !!!! So this week has been crazy with Coronavirus and the mental and physical toll it has taken on everyone. It has been pouring rain all week and my friends big birthday just got cancelled because of it and my heart just breaks for her. But since we are all just stuck inside might as well keep this creative outlet going and still remain positive and share content I would normally share. I did get a month supply of medicine and dry or canned food just in case but it was things that in normal life I would go through quick anyway because it was stuff we already eat like Pasta, rice, beans and soup. I am not panicking but since I have kids I felt like having some food and meds was the right thing to do for the fam.

I honestly do love this sweatshirt and have been living in it all week because the weather has been terrible. I am wearing a small and this fit is a bit different from the black ones that are the more popular that everyone has. It fits a bit tighter around the waist as well and the collar. The fabric is also a big stiffer than the black ones. Minus those 2 differences I still do really love it.

I also just got these new Madewell Perfect vintage jeans that are also a must if you are needing a new pair of denim for Spring. I personally love Madewell denim and love the quality, they offer a program where they will give you a credit of 20$ if you bring in any brand of old jeans. The color of the vintage look is not too light washed and the fit is tts. I am wearing a 23 petite because they have a ton of stretch in them and I like the fir right above the ankle.

I have been constantly talking to you guys about my love for Lack Of Color Hats……for the price points they are literally the best on the market. I have a black rancher style wool hat so I thought I would try this boater style and at first I thought it was too much but the it grew on me.

These sneakers are Golden Goose and the style  is called the franny, I still say they are worth the price to me because all I wear is sneakers constantly  but I am telling you that you can definitely find them on sale.








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