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Hello loves……….

please be patient with the links , I promise I am fixing this little problem. However I did link the items that I am wearing in this post with the attachments below. 

So these Madewell jeans are called the perfect vintage jean and they were literally putting them on the shelves when I bough them last week and let me tell you that I am obsessed. I got the 23 petite and they definetly stretch out if you are debating on sizing up or down. I am 5’5′ for a size reference.

If you are on the fence about investing in Anine Bing and any of her clothing pieces please start out with a T-shirt and your collection will grow…I promise you that. My t-shirt is a size small and it definitely fits very loose, so keep that in mind when sizing. I love the material and vintage look that all the t-shirts and sweatshirts have and they are so easy to pair with denim or mostly leggings like I wear them.

I have had this ALL SAINTS leather jacket for a few years now and I love the way it feels and has worn into. It is the softest leather and all of the styles are such a classic fit that you can’t go wrong with this purchase that might be a bit pricey. You will never regret this brand for the perfect go to leather jacket.

LACK OF COLORS hats are the newest brand in hats that you also need to just take the leap if you haven’t already. For the price you are getting an amazing quality hat that fits great and looks fabulous. I have 5 of these hats in different styles and I use to be be the biggest fan of Janessa Leone hats but you can basically get 2 for the price of one with Lack Of Colors. I wear a size small in this brand and I think could also wear a medium if I needed too.










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