So apparently all the cool kids are lacing their converse sneaks around their ankle so I thought I would follow the cool kids and try it ….bahahahaha THIS SWEATSUIT IS LITERALLY MY FAVORITE THING IN MY CLOSET RIGHT NOW…..I have been genuinely just been sleeping in it and then wearing it all day ! It’s … Continue Reading

Crappy week, crappy weather , crappy people ughhhhhhhhhhhhh At least this sweater is cute !!!! So this week has been crazy with Coronavirus and the mental and physical toll it has taken on everyone. It has been pouring rain all week and my friends big birthday just got cancelled because of it and my heart … Continue Reading

BEST BODYSUIT EVER EVER EVER……and it really completes the go to uniform -JEANS-TANK- JEAN JACKET. ZARA has the best bodysuit that comes in multiple colors and you NEED every single one. They are seriously amazing and are only 20 dollars. I saw this on Rose Huntington and raced to Zara to buy all the colors … Continue Reading

So I can help you paint your house as long as I can wear this jumpsuit!!!!! So I have the most productive day so far…I went to the early morning Kundalini yoga class, followed by a beach hike with a friend, 4 loads of laundry, signing kiddos up for summer camps and blog work while … Continue Reading

Winter is almost over -Thank Goodness!!!!!!!! Time to break those white jeans out. These Topshop jeans are actually not bright white they are a little more cream. I am wearing a size 2 because they actually stretch out a bit around the waist so I sized down.FYI the exact color is cream when online looking. … Continue Reading